About Us

Hello, our names are Pat and Phil. Welcome to our website.

Ridishia Rhodesian Ridgebacks is located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, in between Montreal and Ottawa, and has been breeding quality show dogs and family companions since 1993.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Canada are generally a combination of South African, American, and English bloodlines. Having lived 5 years in Australia, we saw first hand what the genetic pool has to offer North America, therefore, we have incorporated some of those bloodlines into our breeding program.

At this time, the breed is healthy and it is our priority to ensure it stays that way. This is why all our puppies must be spayed or neutered. The health of our pups is guaranteed.

The most important truth is, it doesn’t matter how many champions a breeder has bred, or what a pretty color the puppy is! What really counts is selecting a breeder with whom you feel comfortable. When you buy a dog, you are really buying a breeder. Make sure it is someone you know you can rely on if you need some help with your puppy. You will be in each others lives for a decade or so.

We are pleased to announce we will have TWO litters of puppies in 2018!

If you have any questions, kindly write us through the Contact Us page, or visit us on Pat Roy Ridishia Ridgebacks (on Facebook).

It would be our pleasure to arrange a visit and introduce you to the four-legged family!